Experience and technology

Since its origins in 1952, the Ingemar Group has been dedicated to the extraction, sawing, finishing, marketing, and distribution of natural stone. We strive to apply the latest technology, combined with the experience accumulated over all these years, allowing us to achieve maximum quality in our products and services. This is made possible through the special development of a qualified and motivated human team.

Currently, we have a large granite, marble, and limestone sawing factory located in Guitiriz (Lugo), in a strategic location due to its proximity to the main granite block extracting areas and one of the main channels for the commercialization of natural stone, such as the port of Vigo.

Environment and quality

The professional teams operating in our quarries, highly skilled and experienced, carry out a rigorous process of utilization and selection to provide quality material. This is always done within our steadfast commitment to the environment, aiming to contribute to sustainable development.

Proximity and commitment

Our organization distributes the production of slabs, tiles, and custom-cut pieces for projects through a commercial network with a presence on all five continents and a subsidiary in Poland. This enables us to be close to our customers, providing the best possible service with a wide and varied range of products and finishes.

Our renowned commitment to quality and reliability in deliveries makes it possible to meet the demand of all market segments, from the largest and most complex projects to the most detailed and personalized jobs.

Our quarries

Grupo Ingemar, S.L. currently owns 10 quarries located in Spain and Portugal. We understand the significant importance of a proper selection of materials from their extraction in the quarries, and to achieve this, we employ the most modern extraction techniques. This enables us to ensure the supply of sound and accurately squared blocks.